Doshion Environment Water Solutions

Utility Water Applications

Doshion is acknowledged as the pioneer in the Indian Water Management space for its innovative technologies and sterling services rom design to commissioning. We create and implement tailored Water and Waste Water treatment solutions for industrial clients using our specialized knowledge of each industry segment. This enables us to apply technologies specifically suited to each client’s individual needs.

From inception. We have paid close attention to our customer’s needs and have expanded our products & services to meet their requirement. Our experience ranges from pre – treatment of raw water, purification, desalination, Waste Water treatment and much more. Today, our integrated approach allows us to offer end to end solutions. 


Pre – Fabricated High Speed Clarifier pack is a compact package plant for drinking water, process water and waste-water treatment. The weighted enhanced flocculation process is a highly efficient and proven clarification technology, which uses ballast media that functions as a seed, enhancing floc formation and settling.

Range: 20 m3/h to 700 m3/h per unit.


Self cleaning, autonomous, gravity driven line of filters which operate on the principle of loss of head Operates without energy, wastes less water and gives results that are as good or better than conventional sand filtration.

Range: 50 m3/ h to 500 m3/ h per unit.


Standard high speed, skid mounted screen filters and most compact Automatic filters. Rapid line of products are available fin mesh sizes from 200 micron to 50 micron. Modular structures can offer skid mounted solutions for quick installation

Range:20 m3/ h to 6000 m3/ h capacity


Purity and performance are carefully blended in this fully automatic system. Ultra filtration is the sturdiest solution for challenging feed water and effluents for removal of impurities at an intermolecular level.

Range: 5 m3/h to 200 m3/h capacity