Doshion Environment Water Solutions

Process Water Applications

Doshion has been combining systematically innovative technologies with economic products since the last 4 decades. Process Water is the central ingredient for the product of most industries. While the level and importance of its purity is increasing day by day, its natural form and availability is continuously deteriorating. As an obvious outcome, the treatment of water in the world has shifted towards more rugged and chemical free process.

Additionally, with severe pressure to be globally competitive, availability of time, focus on resources to dedicate on non core-competence activities is sharply going down in every organization. This has called for usage and implementation of those techniques and technologies which require comparatively lower skill level of operators and have minimal variations to changing conditions.



For low TDS feed and certain specific applications, Ion Exchange has always been the most reliable choice. Range of De-mineralisation systems are available both as manual and automatic options.

Range: Up to 200 m3/h capacity.


World’s smartest RO system. This automatic yet cost effective RO system is the example of membrane technology at its optimum best. Auto recovery adjustment and feed variation monitoring are just some of the many AI features that are built in every MaestRO.

Range: 5 m3/h to 120 m3/h


This is the standard, off the shelf demineralization system. It is an intelligent integration of advanced RO and EDI technologies in a single unit that ensures demineralization to the most stringent application requirements up to nuclear grade. A completely automatic and operator free workhorse that can go on an on for weeks, months and even years without stoppage.

Range: 5m3/h to 150m3/h


Smart – IX twin – bed deionizers produce high purity water for a range of industrial applications. The unique design offers savings of up to 40% on running and effluent costs compared to conventional ion exchange systems.

Range: 4m3/h to 30 m3/h