Doshion Environment Water Solutions

Effluent Treatment, Reuse & ZLD Solutions

Industrial waste water’s release into earth’s natural resources has been an age old problem for developed and developing countries across the world. Treatment of such kind of water requires high level of knowledge of chemical and environmental engineering. We are on a constant drive to develop the most modern and advanced systems for treatment of such industrial waste and as a result can make a considerable contribution towards resolving both the existing and future waste water disposal problems.

Working in partnerships with our customers, we endeavor to help design and implement a range of innovative, integrated, solutions that deliver economic benefits involving technologically Savvy water treatment solutions, source reductions, reuse of processed water, effluent treatment, recycling of treated effluent and waste minimization to manage the use and re-use of one of our most precious resource – WATER.


Designed on Membrane Bio Rector technology, our Iceberg MBR Pack is one of the most compact and efficient MBR based Effluent treatment plant system available in the market. Equipped with MBR fibres can operate at high levels of MLSS to treat even the toughest Effluents with ease. Part of our packaged plant line of products this system come fully pre – fabricated for quick Erection and Commissioning.

Range: 1 KLD to 1200 KLD per unit.


Designed on Moving Bed Bio – Reactor technology, STREAM can tackle tough to treat industrial effluents and bring them in level to disposal norms at minimal cost. Stream employs bio – film carriers which float in the basin and acts as a catalyst to reduce the BOD and COD faster. Manufactured as a packaged plant, Stream MBBR Pack is a plug and play system that can be mobilized quickly and installed at site.

Range: 5 KLD to 500 KLD per unit


High quality and chemical resistant ion selective membranes used to recover specific elements or to recycle very difficult waste water specifically in biotech, metal and mining, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, Petrochemical industries, etc. This technology is refined by DEWS to work at COD as high as 1,50,000 ppm and extremely harsh temperatures and pH conditions.


Super RO is different from the spiral reverse osmosis membrane. It can operate at very high TDS and pressure levels to treat waste waters which are almost impossible to treat at a very low footprint and relatively low costs. It is widely used in oil and gas field, hazardous wastewater, electroplating, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, thermal power plant, landfill leachate and other fields.