Doshion Environment Water Solutions

Doshion - Treating Water Differently

The Element “Water” has been touched and described in many ways since the Planet Earth has become “Livable”. Millions of years later, even today, this “Element” sustains Life on Earth and remains as its fundamental energy source. With the simple understanding of “Water” as a Source of Life, Doshion Group began its journey into the field of Water Management almost 45 years ago for transforming in into a Resource. The paths that we have beaten in our journey helped transforming ourselves into a complete Water and Waste Water Solutions provider. 

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, we have been successfully translating our innate understanding of diverse consumer needs in Water and Waste Water Treatment Segments with a complete array of Technologies, Manufacturing Capabilities and E&C capacity. Across all types of Industrial segments, we have dedicated all our resources to deliver innovative, cost effective and reliable end to end solutions.

In a way, Water also represents “Change” which is constant and ever evolving. At Doshion, we have evolved a culture of “Change”, blending ourselves with the virtues of Water. Perhaps these attributes are very unique of Doshion Water Management philosophy which makes us different from the rest.

Today, Doshion operates on the entire canvas of Industrial Water Management offering end to end solutions from Utility Water Requirements, High Purity Water, Effluent Treatment, Waste Water Reuse, Zero Liquid Discharge and many more special applications.

Every Water project adds to our “strategic competencies” and every recovered water drop supplements our Technology edge backing us in our claim of Doshion – Treating Water Differently…


Our special Ultra High TDS RO Systems help industries reduce their Evaporator sizes by HALF


Pre-Validated, Ready to install RO skids in compliance with CFR – 21 – 11 and GAMP4 guidelines for Pharma Industries